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Real Nappy Council Incentives

What is it?

Most councils in England and Wales give, on behalf of their waste authorities (the authorities that are responsible for disposing the waste collected by those councils), one-off payments or cashback or vouchers to parents who use washable cloth nappies. This is money that would have to be spent by the waste authority to get rid of the disposable nappies. They would prefer to give it to parents who are using washable nappies. Parents can spend as much or as little as their incentive on their nappy gear.

How do I find out more?

Our database in this page will tell you if your council does a real nappy scheme, will provide you with a short description of what's on offer and in some cases with the direct contact for the real nappy officer (yes, a real nappy officer!).

Who are real nappy officers?

A real nappy officer is a person employed by the council who helps parents to make real nappy informed choices. They might promote nappy workshops and local nappy networks. And if the council has a nappy incentive scheme, they the ones who manage the scheme.

How do I apply?

There is normally simply a form to fill in (forms can be downloaded from the website of one of the councils mentioned) and you need to produce proof (residency, baby's birth certificate).

Am I Automatically Entitled?

Unfortunately no, eligibility depends on where you live. If your Council does not promote Real Nappies, you probably not. It also depends on the age of your baby, normally (please check with your council) entitlement is for babies up to 18 months, although you can apply whilts pregnant.

 Real Nappy Council Incentives 

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